Why Customers use AmeriCop Franchisee Services

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Why Customers use AmeriCop Franchisee Services:

AmeriCop has a unique set of procedures, networks and quality control mechanisms to ensure outstanding security services possible. Our 24/7 access, quick response, professionalism and management of liability and administrative burdens are what sets us apart.

  • One Stop Shopping

AmeriCop eliminates the complexity of having multiple suppliers to manage.  AmeriCop’s solution provides both security guards and off duty cops which gives a customer a lot more options to consider and it’s much easier to manage one relationship.

  • Managed Payroll

As a franchisee, AmeriCop will manage all of your payroll leaving you with more time to promote your business.   AmeriCop’s integrated scheduling and payroll systems generate pay checks that are distributed weekly to each officer (in most cases direct deposit).

  • Training & Vetting

When it comes to security guards, AmeriCop officers go through an extensive training regimen preparing them for a multitude of situations they may face.  When placing off duty police, AmeriCop conducts a diligent vetting of police officers which is an integral part of finding the best officers suited for a customer’s needs. Not all police officers have the same training or skill set needed for every customer. Matching the right officer for the job ensures that we provide the best possible service for our customers.

  • Outsource Liability to AmeriCop Franchisee

Our customers are protected under AmeriCop’s franchisee’s comprehensive insurance program for officers assigned to their posts.