Franchise Fees

Initial Franchise Fee(*):

There is an initial franchise fee when you sign the Franchise Agreement. The minimum initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a territory that contains approximately 8,000 businesses. The initial franchise fee may be higher if your territory contains more than 8,000 businesses, and it will be determined at a rate of $3.75 per business located in the territory.

(*) For more details regarding “Initial Franchise Fee” please reference Item 5 in the AmeriCop Franchise Disclosure Document.

Other Fees(*)

In return for the ongoing fees, AmeriCop Franchising Inc. will provide franchisees sales and marketing support, customer service, brand building and a comprehensive set of back office capabilities. Specifically, all payroll functions, invoicing and customer services functions will be managed through the corporate office.

Type of Fee Amount
Royalties 9% of Gross Sales
Brand Fund Contribution 0.5% of Gross Sales

(*)   For more details regarding “Other Fees” please reference Item 6 in the AmeriCop Franchise Disclosure Document.