Reasons Companies Hire Cops

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Why do companies hire police officers?

Companies hire cops when circumstances or special needs require more than just a security guard. Below are the most common reasons companies will hire police officers:

  • Patrols & Standing Post

A police presence makes a place of business safer and employees, customers and visitors feel more secure.

  • Traffic Control

Protecting a business’ operation that extends onto public streets or into private roads requires traffic control services to minimize the business’ liability and to protect public safety.

  • Armed Escort Service

The safety of a business’ high-value property is of extreme importance and priority. They require a police officer to provide a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind.

  • Special Event Coverage

Many companies have both private and public events that require a number of tasks for off duty police. This could include crowd control, escorts, patrols & standing posts, and executive protection.

  • Executive Protection

The personal safety of executives is a high profile responsibility. Companies often look to police officers to provide executive security in transit, at home, office and at event locations.

  • Work Place Security

Disruptions in the workplace, whether from one potentially dangerous employee or customer, group layoffs, or a menacing work stoppage, all need security that best comes from a police presence.

  • On-Call Emergency/Crisis Coverage (natural disaster or man-made)

Whether the emergency is a hurricane, civil unrest, flooding, fire, labor disruption, or any other type of industrial emergency, businesses are looking for police officers to provide the security needed to keep their operations, property and personnel safe before, during and after the crisis event takes place.